Our Goal

To be the best Optical Practice  
Quality and Value

We offer the best value and quality for all of our spectacles and contact lenses. You will find great products at every price point and variation. We have always endeavoured to supply spectacles, contact lenses and

accessories at the best

possible price. 

Service & Support


We pride ourselves on having one of the best Customer Service teams in the industry. In the rare event we do not meet your expectations we will do our utmost to correct  it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


People & Passions


We would not be where we are today without the dedication and drive from our staff. Having the right people performing the right tasks can make a huge difference to the service we offer.

Your trusted and experienced Optician. 
Optical WareHouse Founder: Munir Baker


In 1994 the founder and owner Munir Baker started Optical WareHouse with three things in mind – a passion for providing the right product at the right price, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a close eye for a high level of service. These three elements have been the cornerstones of everything that we have ever done at Optical WareHouse.